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Freighter Update

During these challenging and unpredictable times, we are unable to offer any Freighter voyages anywhere in the world.

Most of the major shipping companies (that carry passengers) such as Grimaldi/ACL, CMA-CGM and NSB have cancelled all passenger tickets. Most of the ports have also closed their services for crew changes and passenger movements; even the cruise ships have been tied up.

Currently there are nearly 450,000 crew members stuck on ships around the world and the ports will not let them get off to go to their homes

Some crew are striking as they have been on the ship for over a year (legally they are only allowed on board for a maximum of 6 months)

So, the shipping companies are simply not really interested in passengers until the current mess is sorted out.

CMA-CGM (the biggest passenger carrier in the world) will not consider voyage applications for voyages until 2022.

While ACL (Trans-Atlantic service) has cancelled all passenger sailings for the next 6 months.

I do not see much hope for the remainder of the year, although, changes can be expected if the global environment suffering the COVID-19 improves.

One can only be hopeful. I suggest you ask me in about 3 months, and we will see how the situation is then.

I hope you understand that these decisions have been made by others, and, are out of my control.

(Last Update: 15th September 2021)