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Travel Options

One of the great advantages of traveling by cargo ship is the amazing flexibility available to you, the passenger.

You can join the ship for as long as you wish. You may even choose to disembark from one ship, spend a week ashore at a place of your choice, and then join another ship for the rest of your voyage. Passengers on the Grimaldi Line can disembark at one port and rejoin another ship one, two or three weeks later as these ships operate a regular weekly service.

Other Modes of Travel

Freighter Travel has the facility through our IATA Bonded Travel Agency to combine your voyage with air travel or a land-based tour or holiday.

This allows you to join any passenger cargo ship at your chosen port of call, and to disembark at the time and destination to suit your plans. You have the option of including a short voyage  while you are overseas, flying to and from your voyage, cruising to your destination and flying home, or vice versa.

If your preference is for more than one voyage to see specific ports of call, we can arrange your connecting flights, rental car, accommodation and/or tours between cruises. We can also arrange any documentation that you may require.

Some other options you may like to consider are:

Fly – to a destination – take a break and then sail home

Fly to the country from which your ship leaves, take some time to explore the area, then join your ship for your voyage home, arriving fresh and relaxed from your time at sea. Example: fly to England, explore the UK, join your ship and sail home via the Suez or Panama canal calling at up to nine ports before stepping ashore in Australia or New Zealand.

Cruise – to a destination – take a break and then fly home

Or reverse the arrangement and arrive at your destination totally energized and ready to start sight-seeing! A voyage from Hong Kong via Ningbo, Shanghai, Port Kelang, Suez Canal, Tangiers or Malta, to London, or Hamburg, Antwerp and Le Havre – this voyage has enough interest to satisfy the most experienced traveller.

Fly – Explore – Cruise – Explore – Fly

Taking a voyage between touring different countries is an excellent method of having a rest and giving yourself time to assimilate all you have seen before beginning another section of your holiday. For example, take a fourteen day voyage from Monfalcone to Piraeus, Ashdod, Haifa, Izmir, Ravenna, Koper and back to Northern Italy port of Monfalcone – 14 days for only € 990  per person. Other interesting trips are available around the Mediterranean.

Making Your Booking

Your holiday arrangements require our close liaison with you and the shipping company.  It must be appreciated that as you will be sailing on a working ship you will need to have a flexible approach to your travel arrangements.

To make a booking – send us an email,  we will contact the relevant shipping company and get an offer for you.  We communicate this offer to you and give you a week to decide.  If you wish to proceed you are then required to pay a deposit of 25% of the fare and complete a Passenger Booking Form and a Passenger Declaration.

During the intervening time, we will ask you for other information and forms – the final balance of fare is due 45-60 days before sailing.  A Medical Certificate is required for ALL passengers as there is no doctor on board.

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