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Life at Sea

At sea the day is yours to do as you choose. Relaxing or exercising on deck, mixing with passengers or crew, dining, spending time on the bridge, learning how the ship is controlled and navigated – all combine into a pleasant, leisurely routine.


All our cabins are en-suite (private shower & toilet in every cabin).  We will NEVER ask you to share a cabin with a stranger. Nearly all our cabins have windows or Portholes (Only Grimaldi voyages around the Med have inside cabins). Most of our cabins are spacious and equipped with TV/DVD/CD players and a fridge to keep your drinks cool. We do NOT offer tea and coffee makers as you can always go to the ship’s pantry or galley and make your own.

Dress Code

At sea there is generally a breeze, so a windbreaker jacket is strongly recommended. Comfortable, practical footwear, sweaters and slacks are suitable. Dress is always informal, but passengers will be advised as to dress code for each particular ship when booking.

Going Ashore

With the correct documentation, going ashore at ports of call is simple. Take your passport ashore and some local currency – the ship’s master or chief steward will help with this. Always check the sailing time before leaving the ship. In large ports take careful note of the dock area and the name or number of the ship’s berth. It is advisable to be mindful of the country’s traditions and dress codes, particularly for women in Eastern countries. Although a ship’s turnaround in port may in some cases be a matter of hours, it is amazing what can be seen ashore in this time.  We do recommend that you have a cell phone available so that the Master can contact you if things change.

Health Onboard

Freighters do not carry qualified doctors, but one of the crew is appointed as the ships medical officer who can attend to minor problems.

On any overseas trip, adequate insurance is essential. You will require full cover for all travel, luggage and medical for the duration of your time overseas. If you are on medication make sure you have an adequate supply.

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