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“We arrived home last Wednesday according to our itinerary and are getting in touch to say how much we enjoyed the whole experience on the Grande Scandinavia.”

Graeme & Ellie (NZ)

I had a great time on the Hansa Meersburg. The captain and all his crew welcomed me and were very nice to me during the whole journey.

Anne (UK)

Our luggage was over 300kg altogether, but no problem, and chief officer gave us a locker at deck level, so didn’t need to carry it all up to our cabin – 5 floors up, so that was a relief.

Food, as you say, just incredible – I am learning to refuse courses – or will get too fat! Cabin is wonderful – can’t imagine how a cruise ship’s could be any nicer.     

Daveen (Brazil)

The trip on the MV BAHIA CASTILLO was absolutely fantastic…one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Certainly, a wonderful way to close out 3 months of travelling, and make my way back to the Americas.

Julie (Canada)

I’m back home and have returned to the office after the holidays and wanted to send you a great thank you again, and Happy New Year 2012.

My container ship journey on the CMA-CGM from South Korea back to France went very well and I enjoyed it tremendously. Every day was something new and the sea was different in some way. We saw whales and dolphins and many spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The crew on each boat took very well care of me and I felt like one of the team. 

Ewa ( France)

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